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#LifeHack 21. #EmailFilters: Set Up Filters to Sort Important Emails.

Setting up filters for your emails can keep your inbox organized and make it easier to prioritize important messages.


1. Identify Important Emails: Take note of the types of emails that are most important to you, such as those from work, family, or specific organizations.

2. Use Your Email Client’s Filter Options: Most email clients like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo have built-in options for setting up filters.

3. Create Rules: Establish rules that automatically sort incoming emails into folders or labels based on the sender, subject line, or content.

4. Test the Filters: Send test emails or wait for new emails to arrive to ensure your filters are working as intended.

5. Adjust as Needed: Review the filters periodically and make adjustments as your priorities change.

Time and Money Savings:Sorting through emails can take considerable time, particularly if you receive a high volume daily. Setting up filters can easily save you 10 minutes per day, which totals to about 5 hours a month.

Financially, the savings are more indirect. Being organized can help you respond to important opportunities or obligations more quickly, possibly earning you more money or saving you from late fees or missed opportunities. If you conservatively estimate the value of your time at $20 per hour, you’re saving about $100 worth of your time per month.

Setting up email filters can save you around 5 hours per month and potentially about $100 worth of your time, depending on how you value it.


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