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#LifeHack 27. #DishSoapBrush: Use a Scrub Brush with a Soap Dispenser for Efficient Cleaning.

Incorporating a scrub brush with a built-in soap dispenser speeds up the dishwashing process and curbs excessive soap use.


  1. Purchase the Tool: Find a scrub brush with an integrated soap dispenser.

  2. Fill and Use: Load the dispenser with dish soap and scrub dishes, dispensing as needed.

  3. Regular Maintenance: Clean the brush and refill soap periodically.

This method can cut down dishwashing time by about 10 minutes daily, adding up to about 5 hours monthly.

Financially, reduced soap wastage can mean minor savings. Assuming you save one $5 bottle of dish soap every 3 months, that’s an annual saving of $20.

Good Luck 🍀


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