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#WorkLifeHack 24. #GroceryList: Keep a Running Grocery List.

Maintaining a running grocery list helps ensure that you buy only what you need, making your shopping trips more efficient and cost-effective.


1. Choose a Method: Decide between a dedicated grocery list app or a simple notepad (digital or paper).

2. Continuous Updating: Whenever you run out of something or think of an item you need, add it to the list.

3. Categorize Items: Sort items by type or by the layout of your go-to grocery store.

4. Sync with Family: If using an app, choose one that allows list sharing so that everyone can contribute.

5. Check it Twice: Before you head out, review the list and remove anything unnecessary.

Time and Money Savings: Having a planned list can save you about 15-20 minutes per shopping trip by reducing aimless wandering and backtracking. If you shop weekly, that’s around 1 to 1.3 hours saved per month.

Financially, a list helps you avoid impulse buys. If you can avoid just two $5 impulse purchases each trip, that’s a monthly saving of $40.

In summary, using an app or notepad to maintain a grocery list can save you about 1 to 1.3 hours per month and around $40 by reducing impulse purchases and making your shopping more efficient.


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