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#WorkLifeHack 25. #FrozenVeggies: They Cook Faster and Are Often Pre-Chopped

Incorporating frozen vegetables into your diet is not only convenient but also time-efficient, offering a quick way to add healthy elements to your meals.


1. Select Quality Brands: Opt for those that freeze vegetables at their peak freshness to ensure maximum nutrient retention.

2. Organize Your Freezer: This ensures easy access and effective stock rotation of your frozen vegetables.

3. Versatile Cooking: Directly add frozen veggies to various dishes, such as stir-fries, soups, and casseroles.

4. Combine with Fresh: Enhance your dishes by mixing frozen with fresh vegetables for added flavor and texture.

5. Mind the Cooking Time: Frozen vegetables often require less cooking time due to prior blanching.

Time and Money Savings: Opting for pre-chopped frozen vegetables can shave off around 10-15 minutes of meal preparation. If you’re cooking at home five days a week, this totals approximately 50-75 minutes saved weekly, translating to 3.3 to 5 hours monthly.

Financially speaking, while some frozen veggies may be a tad pricier than fresh ones, the reduced wastage due to longer shelf life compensates for this. If you cut down on just $2 of waste weekly, this sums up to about $8 saved monthly.

Using frozen vegetables in your meals can save you between 3.3 to 5 hours monthly and roughly $8, thanks to decreased preparation time and minimized wastage.


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